Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Easter Pictures

at least he's not crying!
Evan & Kaila
Evan & Jonathan
Little Huck Finn
LOVE this picture
cute smile, scary bunny

my handsome little guy

I took Evan to go see the Easter Bunny yesterday for the first time ever. I'm not sure why I never took him when he was 3 months old. I definitely did not take him last year due to his record with Santa a few months earlier. We went with his friends Wilson, Ellie, Bowen, Jonathan, Kaila & Jack and I think that made a difference. He went last and could see all the other kids go and not freak out. Regardless, I wasn't really sure how it was going to go, even up to the minute before he went up to see him. Right before it was his turn he told me that he wanted to go home. So, I was shocked when he walked right up to him and sat on his lap. He was sure to tell the Easter Bunny that he wants a glove and a baseball for Easter, that must have been his motivation :). They also took all these other candid shots at the Easter Bunny. They know how to scam moms for sure, and of course I fell for it. These pics are just too cute!! Okay, and I know the boat one is pretty funny/awful, but I had to share it!


Check out the dolphins behind that boat
tough day at sea
Kayla and Kate
2 dolphins
joe & evan
pierce, kayla, evan & stephen
stephen & evan enjoying their gogurt

This past weekend we went to Naples to visit Kate, Kayla, Stephen, Pierce and Kate's parents-Mr. & Mrs. Stermer. We had never been to Naples and thought it was absolutely beautiful. It didn't actually feel like we were in Florida anymore. The whole community was full of palm trees and beautiful homes, all along the water. Florida is definitely hit or miss every 5 feet you go, sometimes it's really nice, sometimes it's really crappy. But that wasn't the case with Naples at all, it was beautiful everywhere. The Stermer's home is gorgeous and right on a canal. They were incredibly gracious and welcoming. We had wonderful meals, hung out by the pool, went to the beach and went out on an amazing and adventerous boat ride. On the boat ride, we saw a few dolphins, which was so cool. We even took the boat out into the gulf, which was quite rough. Despite the wind blown hair and soaking we got, it was so much fun. Evan had a great time playing with Kate's kids as well, they were so good to him and kept him very entertained.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Venice with the Garr's

Last weekend we headed down to Venice, FL (on the west coast south of Sarasota) to visit Kelly, Joe and Avery, along with Kelly's parents, her brother and his partner. It was such a relaxing trip, as we got to spend two days at the beach. The weather was perfect and the Nevilles got to get their tans back :). The beach was beautiful, there were shells everywhere, the water was a turquoise color and there were so many dolphins, fish and pelicans to see. We ate at an amazing seafood restaurant one night as well, right on the water. Evan is at the best age for the beach right now. He loved the water, played in the sand, played catch and just chilled. It was so nice not worrying about naps or diapers, baby food, etc.It was a perfect getaway, and a wonderful time getting to visit with our great friends.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Potty Training

I can't believe we are doing it, but we are. AND it's going really well. Today is day 4 and we've had 1 accident each day and 2 on day 2. I don't think that's too bad at all. I was really apprehensive about potty training for many reasons which include:

1. I don't think I'm disciplined enough to encourage it
2. He so young, I mean he just turned 2
3. He's a boy, so they typically don't potty train until closer to 3
4. I kind of like the freedom of diapers and not worrying about where there is a clean restroom nearby

However, I didn't really have a choice. On Friday morning Evan insisted on wearing big boy underwear "like daddy and Maxwell." So, we went for it. We are taking it one day at a time and I'm not afraid to quit if it's not going well. But so far, so good :).

Now that he sleeps in a big boy bed (can't believe I have yet to post about that) and if he's potty trained, he's going to be like a teenager. Crazy how they grow up way way way too fast. However, can't say that I'll be sad to no longer buy diapers.

Yeah, splash pad time again!

Evan loves the splash pads that they have all around here, and so do I. He can get completely soaked and have fun and I don't have to worry about drowning or putting on a bathing suit :). Here he is at his favorite splash pad in Celebration.

Typical Morning Routine

Every single morning Evan eats 2 nutrigrain blueberry waffles with spray butter and syrup and a 1/2 to a whole banana. He is a creature of habit and will not have it any other way. Every once in while (like once a month), we can convince him to have pancakes or eggs instead. He is very involved in the breakfast making process and has to do the following, or a giant meltdown occurs:
1. Help get the waffles out of the freezer
2. Put the waffles in the toaster and help mom or dad push the toaster button
3. Get the butter out of the fridge and the syrup out of the pantry
4. Help spray the butter
5. Pour his own syrup
6. Peel his own banana

He's independent for sure!
Since he is in love with Mickey Mouse, he likes to wear his ears a lot too :).

Avocado Mania

Evan loves avocado. Next to ice cream and maybe waffles, it's his favorite thing to eat. I think it's fantastic that he likes them so much, but I don't want him to eat too much, there is quite a bit of fat in them. Anyway, I typically let him eat half in a sitting and then pretend we have no more left. He would eat 2 avocados if I let him, easily. The other day, Joe set Evan up on the counter for who knows what reason. This is what came out of it-he was eating it straight out of the peel. I had just cut it so that I could scoop it out on his plate, but we got to keep a utensil clean. how nice :)

Mack, PJ & Daisy

Evan has lots and lots of stuffed animals and has never really cared about any of them. I tried to get him attached to one or two of them, but he just wasn't into it. The only thing he's attached to is his blanket, and even that is kind of hit or miss.

However, recently he started to take notice of his 3 favorite bears (well I decided they would be his favorite). Joe & Evan named them after Evan's 3 favorite dogs-Mack (Bryan & Laura's), PJ (Peggy's) and Daisy (Jen, Greg & Jonathan's). Now he asks to sleep with them and sometimes carries them around the house. Although he's thankfully not too attached to any of them, I don't want to break him of any more things!

Mack is the white one, which my mom gave me (for Evan) at my baby shower. Daisy is the one with the red bow, which Joe gave me for Christmas the first year we were dating. PJ is the biggest one (which is completely opposite of his size v. the other dogs in real life). That bear was given to Evan by his godmother, Jenna, and it says a prayer when you press it's hand.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring Training

Today we went to the Astros v. Mets spring training game. Tradition Field, where the Mets play is about 1 mile from our condo. We sat in the grass in the outfield, which ended up being perfect for the boys to run around in and chase their new baseballs. The Mets won 10-1, but we didn't stay long enough to see the end, it was way past nap time. Evan is really into baseball and loves to hit his wiffle ball off of his tee in the backyard. He also insists on watching baseball on TV, which has been rather difficult lately since spring training just started. I actually sat through some Latin league game a few weeks ago to stop the tantrum. If you know me well, you know that I ABHOR watching baseball on TV-too many hours of it during my childhood (still love you dad, but it's so boring!). 

During the game I would give Evan a play by play of what was happening and he would act it out for me. I told him, get in your stance and he'd hold his pretend bat and then he'd swing and start running the bases (that's what he's doing in the one pic-running the bases). I'm positive Evan and Jonathan had a great time at the game, as did the adults. Apparently the Mets farm team plays there all year, so once all our spring training games are over (have to make it to Disney/Braves to see them), then we can go to some cheap games in Port St. Lucie.

As a side note, we went to Friendly's (ice cream free with all the meals, that place is like heaven) to have lunch before the game. When we went into the restaurant, it was 80s and humid, but look at the pictures. When we left the restaurant, it was low 60s/high 50s and windy and freezing. We all had to change in the car on the way to the game.  The day started out like Florida, ended like Maryland.

1st Beach Trip of 2009

After the birthday party, we drove to Port St. Lucie with the Brices to spend the rest of the weekend. Our renters were switching b/t Feb and March, so we had to go down and check the condo out. We took advantage of only being 25 minutes from the beach and headed there late in the day. Although it was pretty warm that day, it was super windy at the beach. The water was warm, at least 70 degrees, but the air was cold. The boys were having too good of a time to let it bother them. With teeth chattering, they would run straight back into the water. It was nice to see the ocean and get in the water (feet for adults, full body submersion for the kids). I can hardly believe I am putting this less than flattering picture of me in my 90 year old woman bathing suit on the blog, but I thought it was pretty funny. 

Bowen's Mickey Mouse 2nd Birthday Party

We went to a really fun party on Saturday for Evan's friend, Bowen's, 2nd birthday. It was at the same park as Evan's party and the weather was perfect. All the kids seemed to have a wonderful time playing and the food and cake were awesome!