Monday, December 15, 2008

Evan's 2nd Birthday Party

Evan loved his cake-notice the frosting on his face
Birthday Boy!
Make a wish
As they are singing Happy Birthday to Evan (his favorite part)
He loves his fire truck, thanks Garr's!
These are MY cars

Saturday was Evan's 2nd birthday party. We had it at a local park and made it train-themed. Evan had a wonderful time and it seemed like all of his friends did too. The weather was a bit chilly for FL, but it warmed up to about 60 and was sunny. It was actually perfect weather for me! Here are a few pictures I have from the party and then later that night opening his gifts at home with Aunt Shannon, Uncle Charlie, Maxwell and Ms. Carol. Evan was very spoiled and got wonderful gifts from all of his friends and family. He loved every single one of them wanting us to open the packaging immediately, so much that he hoarded them from Maxwell so he couldn't touch them. This was especially funny because Maxwell did the same thing to Evan on his birthday. Eventually we got Evan to share and both boys were happy. It was great that Evan was into the present thing, he really seemed to like to open the gifts. Good thing, since Christmas is just a week plus away. Evan's actual birthday is on the 18th, we just celebrated a bit early since we are headed to MD on Wednesday.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


He got the Moose from Santa, and now wants outta there!

Last year Evan was petrified of Santa, but I hoped that this year would be different. I prepped him on how great Santa Clause is and that he brings good little boys & girls presents on Christmas Eve. He loves to point him out where ever we see him (which is about every 2 feet these days). So, we stood in line and waited our turn. As we got closer and closer I thought, this is going to be the year, he is going to sit on Santa's lap. No go..... Mom got to sit on Santa's lap with Evan on try #1, you can see for yourself what happened on try #2. However, on the 1st try with me, Evan was able to tell Santa what he wants for Christmas. He asked for a basketball hoop, a train and an orange truck. He remembers that he told him that and has reminded us over and over again what he asked for from Santa. On try #2, he really just wanted a little Santa moose that Santa was passing out. As soon as he got that toy, he wanted out of there. He keeps telling us that Santa is scary. I know soon enough he'll learn to love the big guy!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow, in Florida?

We went to the town of Celebration to watch it "snow" on Tuesday night with Anne & Brian. They came to visit us from Baltimore. It was so nice getting to see them, I can't believe that they drove here from MD. I'm happy we'll get to see them again next week, when we are back in MD for Christmas. The "snow" that they have in Celebration is crazy, it's super sudsy soap bubbles that seems like real snow on the ground. Kids were actually scooping it up and making "snow balls". They also had train & carriage rides and Santa was there.

Disney's Hollywood Studios Lights!!

Last Friday we went to the most spectacular light show. Through the Avenue of Americas, which is a street in Hollywood Studios, there are 5 million lights. Every so often they dance to the music. These lights actually belonged to a family in Little Rock, AR, but they got to be too much for the neighbors, so Disney decided to display them for the Osborne family. It was really cool. They even made it snow, so despite it being about 65 degrees, it kind of felt like Christmas.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

O Christmas Tree

It's only December 10, how many Christmas trees do you think I can get him to stand in front of before Christmas??? Thankfully he loves to pose in front of them and say "cheese"!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Too cute for words

I can't get this picture to rotate, but it's too cute to leave out. They are reading The Polar Express, they both LOVE trains.

They love to hug each other

Christmas in Florida

As you can see, Shannon & I bought Evan & Maxwell matching Christmas outfits and then Charlie & I took the boys to get their pictures taken. "Adorable" doesn't even come close to describing how cute these two are together.

The Zamorano's Visit

Our good friends from San Diego, Joe, Marylou & Danielle came to visit us over Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time with them, going to Disney, Univ. of Maryland basketball games (they were in town for a tournament), playing some American Idol Wii, and just hanging out. Their daughter, Danielle, is 7 years old and was Evan's BFF that week. They played together so well, she was great with Evan. It was a nice little break for me & Joe too! We were so sad to have them go back to CA! Apparently during their visit, I didn't really take too many pictures, but here are some of the cute ones I did take. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving as well. Ours was great, Charlie & Shannon had it and they made a fabulous dinner. The food was excellent, decorations beautiful and the fact that I didn't have to host it or cook too much was priceless!!