Tuesday, August 28, 2007

To move or not to move????

Last September we moved to Maryland, to settle down. Gone were the days of moving every year to a new state. We were going to stay here forever, be near family and friends. Have Evan grow up in one place. There we go thinking and planning again! Now, we have the real possibility of moving to Florida. Of course there are many positives to Florida-good weather in the winter, cheap housing (at least comparatively), Joe will be home more often, the kids could be beach bums. But, do we pick up our lives again and move? And really, who wants to pack AGAIN??? Not sure what to do, but I guess we have to decide in the next few days.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Spiky Hair

Evan's got such stick straight hair, that I've always wanted to spike it with gel. After his bath today, I spiked it with only water. Looks like he LOVED it, or maybe it's just the constant camera in his face. Who knows???

Park Time

Today we headed to Lake Elkhorn Park for some time on the swings and the slide. I think Joe & I had more fun then Evan. Perhaps he's a little too young for all that. But it was fun to try!

Evan Claps

You can see one of Evan's newest skills-clapping while at the beach. That would make anyone clap! Hopefully I'll get some video of his backwards crawling and post it soon.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Evan is 8 months old!

You are 8 months old today, and I can hardly believe it. How does the time fly? You have now been in our lives longer then the time I knew that I was pregnant with you. We spent your 8 month birthday at the beach in Ocean City, we stayed at Grandpa Joe's place. You are now:

Clothes: size 3 diaper, 9-12 month and 12-18 month clothes, depending on the brand. (I can't wait till your 9 month check up to see your height and weight-I've weighed you at home on our scale and it says 21 pounds). I don't think you have gained much weight, but you always seem to be growing taller. You barely fit into your size 3.5 Nike shoes, time to get a new pair!

Feeding: You have formula four times a day-8 ounces when you wake up, 4 ounces with your cereal and fruit 5 hours later, 4 ounces with your cereal and vegetable in the evening and 6-8 ounces before bedtime. You will eat pretty much anything I give you, and I hope it stays that way! You're still on baby food, but now really enjoying finger foods. You love puffs and seem to want to eat whatever mom and dad are eating. We are working on the sippy cup, but you still aren't too sure how to get the water out of there. You can hold it and bring it to your mouth, but you haven't yet figured out how to tip it up so you can take a drink.

Toys/Games: You do more with them now than just put them in your mouth ~ you like banging them together, dropping them, rolling them, etc. You often thrown them out of reach, then tumble on your belly and find a way to get to it-scooting, rolling, etc. You have quite mastered crawling, but you are getting very close. You love it when I roll the soccer ball to you, you love to kick it back, like a master soccer player, you do this wild juggling move. You also love peek-a-boo and really love every book I read you, especially the ones with pictures of babies on them. You love the Blues Clues one the most. You also laugh out loud any time Daddy does his Donald Duck impersonation, mommy thinks it's hilarious too! Your favorite toy by far is daddy's sunglasses.

You have learned how to clap and now love to do it! You also can wave bye-bye, you've been doing that since mid-July.

"Words:" you babble constantly, and say da-da, ba-ba, ya-ya and many combinations thereof. You used to say da-da a lot more, and dad is a little sad you stopped saying it so much. No ma-ma yet. But you never stop with your talking and sometimes happy screaming. You think the yelling is really funny, mom does not think so as much when we are in stores.

Smiles: You smile at everyone you see, you are quite a flirt. People constantly come up to us to tell us that you've been smiling at them. You are so friendly! Strangers tell us you will be a ladies man, but I hope you are just mama's man for a long time! I hope you stay this outgoing.

Teeth: On July 30, your first two bottom teeth popped through. Thank goodness, b/c "teething" the weeks before was tough on you, mom and dad! Now, on August 17, we saw a third one pop through, next to your bottom ones, on the left had side. The forth can't be too far behind. You are definitely a little cranky, but MUCH better then with the first 2.

Moving: You are now mobile. You used to hate being on your belly, but magically about 3 weeks ago, you discovered all you could do on it. Now you spend lots of time trying to move around on it. I've had to begin child proofing our home b/c you are on the move. You don't crawl per se, but you get up on your knees, rock back and forth. You scoot backwards, I'm waiting to see the "worm". And you can roll across the floor to get to things that are out of your reach. I know I will be busy chasing you in no time!

You love to go to our weekly play group and to Play Partners at the library and see your friends there. You love to pull people's hair a lot, so I hope they don't get upset too much with you if I don't catch you in time!

You love to put your arms around my neck to give me a hug and you give giant open mouth kisses-like you want to bite us, they are really sweet!

Our days start between 6:30am and 7:30am when you wake up. Sometimes, you will play in your crib for half an hour, which allows me to get some sleep, which I greatly appreciate. After breakfast, you like to play with your toys. You take morning nap around 9am, and you wake up b/t 11:00am and 12:00 for lunch. After we both eat, I usually take you out to run errands/go for a walk/etc. Then you have your afternoon nap around 3:30 or 4. More playtime after that-typically at the pool. YOU LOVE TO SWIM! Then bath/pajamas/book/bedtime by 7:30pm.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy

Evan loves his jumper. He just throws his hands up in the air and laughs hysterically!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Family time at the beach

The "kids"-Charlie, Maxwell, Bryan, Laura, Shannon, Evan, Joe & Kristy at Ocean City on July 4!


Learning to be like Grandpa Joe and Uncle Charlie



Evan & Maxwell-cousins

Evan (7 months) and Maxwell (2 years) take time off from hugging each other (Maxwell) and pulling/ripping hair (Evan).

We figured it out!

After all the time Kristy spends on the computer, it's amazing it took her so long to figure this out. Welcome to our page. Hopefully we're good about getting updates on here.