Thursday, April 26, 2012


 She looks so grown up!
This morning, Claire had a Trike-a-Thon at her school to raise money for something, not really sure what. Yes, this fundraiser was not even paying attention for what, nor did she try to solicit any money from family or friends-you are welcome!. But it was cute all the same and Claire had fun riding her new tricycle for a good cause!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blueberry picking

Claire, Evan, Maxwell & I went down the street for some delicious blueberry picking! We picked blueberries until we couldn't stand the lovebugs for one more second.

Spring Fling

On Friday (the day before the 5K), Evan's preschool had their spring fling. I was the co-chair of the silent auction and it took up most of my free time for the last few weeks. But it was all worth it! The silent auction did great, the kids had a blast at the carnival and Claire got to ride on her 1st pony. She loved it so much and was very sad when the bounce houses and the horses had to go "night night". These aren't the best pictures, but I had to document her first horse ride! 
What an exhausting week, but a very fulfilling one too.

Windermere 5K

 Jen & Bowen (she pushed him most of the way in a very deep sandy course, I'm super impressed!!)
 Running towards the finish line
 Me & Evan post race
 The boys, Bowen, Robert & Evan
 We did it!

Evan & I ran our first 5K together yesterday. I hope it's the first of many. He was a real trooper. It was Evan's idea to run it together this year after I ran it last year. I was a tad bit skeptical that a 5 year old could run 3.1 miles. I was more skeptical that I could run it! After some practice to ensure he could at least walk the distance, we signed up. The first mile was the hardest b/c he was tired and his bug bites itched badly due to all the blood flowing through his body. Plus, we lost sight of his friends Robert (who ran it in 27 minutes!) and Bowen (b/c he caught a ride in the stroller), which I think took away some of his drive. So, then I created a new drive. My encouraging words only did so much, so I ended up bribing him with a trip to Target after the race to purchase whatever Diary of a Wimpy Kid book he wanted next. It worked like magic. From there on out, we alternated between running and walking and he was a real trooper. He received a lot of encouragement from the crowd and the people who were right next to us the whole way. He managed to have enough energy to hurdle over every single green cone there was along our route and was thrilled to see Dad, Claire, Robert & Jen waiting for him at the finish line cheering him on. It was a real bonding experience for us and I really am proud of him! So what if I had to use bribery??? He's 5 and he did it!

Field Day!

Evan had field day last Tuesday. He and his classmates had fun showing off all that they have learned in kindergym this year, like yoga, balancing, and other gross & fine motor skills. Joe & I enjoyed watching Evan & his friends.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


 Evan got the Wimpy Kid book from my parents for Easter and finished it today (3 days later!)
 Easter Bunny came for the big kids and little kids!

 In their Sunday best

 LOVE! So blessed!
 Lilly & Danielle
 The Zamorano Family
We celebrated a wonderful Easter with the Zamoranos by going to Mass, out to lunch, watching the Masters and lounging pool side at the Portofino Hotel. It was action packed, but relaxing at the same time.

Good Friday Easter Egg Hunt

We hosted some friends and family on Good Friday for a seafood feast and Easter Egg Hunt. Our friends the Zamoranos were in town visiting us for a few days and they joined us for the celebration. We divided the eggs based on age and boy/girl. The girls got lots of nail polish and money and the boys got lots of balls, money, Star Wars items, silly bands, sticky things, etc.

Easter Egg Hunt #1

We got together with some friends last week for a fun Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. It was probably the most I've relaxed with both kids in sometime. Both Claire & Evan were very much into the egg hunt and definitely knew what they were doing. After the Egg Hunt, Claire & Evan played so nicely with their friends, I got a chance to catch up with some friends I haven't seen in quite some time.