Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Evan looks so serious in these pictures! He still looks cute though :). Happy Father's Day Joe!! Evan is the luckiest kid in the world!

Happy Belated 35th Birthday Joe!

Last week was Joe's 35th Birthday. We celebrated by going to Buca di Beppo for dinner with the Brices as Jen's birthday is the same day! We had a great time and the food was wonderful. Plus they sang Happy Birthday to them and brought out big pieces of cake and giant candelabras. Just what Joe doesn't ever want-a lot of attention for him especially on his birthday. It was great :)!!  These pictures are from the weekend before, where Jen surprised Joe with an early birthday cake while we were with our friends. Very cool cake and good luck as well. Ever since the cake, the O's have been on a roll!

Monday, June 15, 2009

New Favorite Picture of My Boys

Ms. Kerri

Evan, Ms. Kerri & Trevor

Trevor, Ashtyn, Brett & Evan

This is Evan's last week with Ms. Kerri. She got a full time job as Certified Nurse Assistant. We are so sad that she won't be Evan's regular child care provider, but we are really excited for her new opportunity!! We will miss her a lot, but hopefully we'll still get to see her regularly at baseball games and Disney!

A typical evening

Shannon, Audrey, Maxwell & Charlie

Joe, Jen, Evan, Charlie, Audrey, Greg, Jonathan

1st time in the pool!

Well, it's been hotter than you know what around here lately. Surprise, Surprise!! We've been taking full advantage of our neighborhood pool and love to meet Jen, Greg & Jonathan as well as Charlie, Shannon, Maxwell & Audrey up there as much as possible. Not too many people use it, so it's almost like our own personal pool! This was Audrey's first day in the water! She looks like a pro :)

Diego Matching Game

Evan really likes his Diego Memory Game and likes to play it pretty regularly. We aren't quite there where he actually remembers where the matches are upside down, but he loves to find the pairs and pairs them up. Here's his recent accomplishment!

Evan the fish

Evan & Ms. Alicia

Swimming to Daddy

Floating for Daddy

Swimming in his PJs

For the last few weeks, Evan has been taking swim lessons. They have worked magic on him, or I should say Alicia worked her magic on Evan. Evan was very confident in the water before hand, perhaps too confident. I wanted him to be able to swim when he was done, not just float, or want to play with him. He loves the water, I didn't need to pay for him to love it some more :). Alicia's techniques are hard to watch sometimes, but are very effective. She taught Evan how to float, to swim and how to survive if he were to fall into the water and he couldn't get to the side. For his last day, he had to wear long sleved and long pant pajamas (miracle I even had some since it's been 95 here for months) along with his crocks. She flipped him into the water so that he would lose his orientation and he turned right onto his back and floated. She then took his shirt off of him and put it over his face, he was able to take it right off and float. I feel very confident in Evan's ability to swim and survive now (don't worry, not overly confident, I'm not letting him go by himself anytime soon). But I feel so great that we did these lessons and am so proud of Evan for doing such a great job and being such a quick learner!

Recently he has also learned on his own to swim with his arms like a real swimmer (it's adorable) and can tread water forever. He's ready for the swim team!! Watch out PVCC records :).

Visiting Uncle Charlie at the Firestation

Evan, Yasmine, Jonathan, Wilson & Kaila

Evan and Uncle Charlie

Driving the truck like Uncle Charlie

Last Tuesday, Evan and our friends and I went to go visit Charlie at his fire station. He has just recently been transferred to a very close station. The first time we ever visited him was just a few days prior to this trip, it was so fun to show Evan that Uncle Charlie is a fire fighter. Although we talk to him about it all the time, he actually got to see for himself. I think Charlie was a lot surprised at the amount of people who showed up, but he was great about taking a bunch of 2 1/2 year olds around the station and showing them all the cool stuff. The kids had a great time!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Audrey's Baptism

Charlie, Rev. Danielle, Audrey & Shannon
Godfather Matt, Shannon, Audrey, Charlie & me
Nana Carol, Shannon, Audrey, Charlie, Grandma Sherry
The Ormes

Hamming it up before the service

I have the great honor of being Audrey's god mother and she was baptized on Sunday. The service was beautiful, as was the reception afterwards. Audrey was wonderful during the whole ceremony, she only made one little peep. She looked so beautiful in her dress.  Evan and Maxwell were equally as well behaved, maybe we should start sitting in the second row of church!! 

Finger Painting

I've really been trying to be better about doing artsy stuff with Evan. I thought that he would enjoy finger painting, but wasn't sure if I could handle the mess. Thanks to my sister-in-law Kathy, she gave me the perfect solution-do it in the bathtub!! Evan loved it, even if only for a little while. I think we can venture outside to do it as well, perhaps I can participate more then leaning over the tub. 

Animal Kingdom

Evan with Chip & Dale
Wilson & Mickey
Chillin with Mickey
Getting an autograph

Evan & Jonathan with Goofy

Last week we went to Animal Kingdom with some of our friends. Evan had been asking to go for awhile so I was really glad we went, he loves the Lion King Show and the Safari. I really like the fact that you can meet the characters with little lines. Evan got an autograph book from Nani when she came to visit and he was able to use it for the first time at AK. He really liked getting their autographs and loved getting up close with the characters. I think it's time for a character breakfast or dinner soon. This kid is way too spoiled :)