Friday, June 1, 2012

Goofing Around

Love these kids and all their energy!

Brooke & Ian's Wedding

 My handsome hubby of almost 8 years!!
 Brooke & Me!
 A little hazy, but only pic we have with the beautiful couple
 They light these lanterns that took off into the sky, just like in Tangled. It was very cool!
Joe and I had a great time celebrating Brooke & Ian's wedding. They are such a great couple and I am so happy that they finally got married! She looked beautiful and they both seemed to have a wonderful time at their wedding. The wedding was just perfectly them-outdoors, vegetarian, lots of wonderful adult beverages and they gave away saplings as their favors so that we could watch a tree grow and thing of their love growing.

Double Trouble

These two had a blast playing together last week! They are most definitely double trouble together :)


 Evan's dinosaur face

Evan is pretty into dinosaurs these days. So, while we were flying to MD/VA, a fellow passenger suggested we go to the Natural History Museum. We met Bryan and Davis there and had a great time seeing all the dinosaurs. I couldn't believe that Evan knew every kind we saw, without reading their names. He would then tell me why it was the one it is, like..."because it has a very long neck, small mouth and a large trunk." Okay, guess he is learning more in preschool than I knew!

Meeting Baby Lucy

 She is SOOOOOO happy!

 Evan was pretty excited too!

 The big brother!!

We had so much fun meeting baby Lucy and playing with Davis! Claire talked of nothing else leading up to our trip. She was dying to hold baby Lucy and Laura was so sweet to let her hold her not once, but twice!

Evan's Last Preschool Concert

 All of the Pre-K kids
 Mrs. Smith & Mrs. Chase's class

These two have no real interest in me ever getting a good pic of them together! 
Claire was upset she couldn't get lemonade first!

Last week, Evan had his last preschool concert. Sniff Sniff. I can't believe he's almost done with preschool. Just one more day! The concert was amazing as always. I am always blown away by how great the concerts are at WUCP. They sang about 14 songs and all did such a great job.