Friday, April 25, 2008

April in Orlando

We have been very busy these last few weeks, enjoying springtime in Orlando. We've been to birthday parties, Aquatica (Sea World's new water park), the park and strawberry picking. Over the last month, Evan has transformed into a new child. Before, he loved going to the park, but wasn't too adventurous on the equipment. Well, after all the fun he had at Aquatica going down all the big slides, he now has NO FEAR. He loves to climb up the rock wall on the big kid's playground, climb up the stairs and go down the big kid's slide (for 5-12 year olds) by himself. Mom needs some anti-anxiety meds. But it is very exciting to see him grow so much in just a short time. He's having a blast and I'm enjoying chasing after him :). Here are some pictures of our adventures.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Charlie & Shannon's Wedding

Last Friday, Charlie & Shannon got married. Welcome to the family Shannon!!! It was the most beautiful wedding and it was a lot of fun. It was so nice to have so many of our family members in from out of town for the big day and the days surrounding it. Thanks to Nani for also coming to take care of Evan during all of the festivities. We had a great time with everyone. We are so happy for Charlie and Shannon and wish them a lifetime of beautiful memories (and lots of kids too-Evan wants a few more cousins....). Here are a few pictures from the rehearsal dinner and wedding.

Running on the people mover

I kept forgetting to post this. When we came back to FL from Baltimore, while waiting for our plane at BWI, Evan discovered the people movers. Although new to walking, he mastered walking backwards on it. It was hilarious. I could not stop laughing. He was true entertainment for many of us awaiting our flights. Although you cannot see him in the pictures, Joe is just a few feet behind Evan, making sure he didn't get swept up at the end of the ramp (the moving walkway is about to end, the moving walkway is about to end...)

Day out with my grandmas (nani and nana)

Last Thursday, Evan had a wonderful day out with Nani and Nana. During their visit, Evan definitely began calling them by name. Nani is Joe's mom. Previously my mom was grandma, but Evan called her Nana, so I think it's going to stick. He began calling my dad Baba for grandpa. I love it!! Evan, his 2 grandmas and I all went out to lunch in Celebration, then Evan ran through the water fountains and had a blast. We topped it off with some of the best ice cream ever. What a wonderful day :).