Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shoutout to Stella!

This post is just for Stella (and Peggy too!). Stella is Peggy's fabulous coworker that we got to meet at Kathy's party. She is so much fun and Peggy is very lucky to have someone so fun to work with. She gets to hear all about the blog from Peggy, so I promised her a post all to herself. Great meeting you! Hope to see you again soon :).

Celebrating Christmas with the Lanes

We exchanged Christmas presents with Griffin and Connor the day we left, so that we could see how excited the kids were to get their gifts. You can see that LEGO was a popular theme this year and all three boys were thrilled with their sets. Claire is happy as can be with her Belle. She loves to play with her and even knows her name.

Happy 40th Kathy!


 Mike giving Kathy a Tahitian Pearl Necklace and a Nook Color, she was very excited!

 The boys playing Just Dance 3 (and loving it!)

We celebrated Kathy's 40th by throwing her a surprise party! Kathy, Peggy and I started the day relaxing at the Robert Andrews Spa and then took her home, where she expected Mike to be taking her out to dinner. She was completely surprised and even though she was a little mad at us at first, she had a wonderful time celebrating with her friends and family. Mike and Joe worked hard (with all 4 kids) getting everything ready. It was perfect!


We got to celebrate Thanksgiving at Barry and Rita's home in Maryland this year with Joe's mom's family. All the kids had fun exploring in the woods and the adults enjoyed a delicious feast. It was a really relaxing day full of counting all of our blessings.

Wise Owl, Three Times in a Row!

 2009, age 2

 2010, age 3
 2011, age 4

Evan's teachers gave him the Indian name, Wise Owl, again for the 3rd year in a row (different teachers each year). How funny that he got the same name, again! Evan told me that he asked Mrs. Smith why he kept getting the same name every year and she said it's because "you are so smart and because you have such big eyes like an owl." Guess I couldn't pick a better Indian name for him if I tried!

Fun with Audrey and Katelynn (Uncle Kevin & Aunt Kate too)

We got to hang out at Kevin & Kate's and Audrey and Claire got to play together. They got along really well and I was so happy that they could play, since they are just 3 months apart in age. They are equally stubborn and wild. Must be a Neville thing!

Evan & Katelynn obviously had fun making silly faces for the camera!

Christmas PJs and celebrating Evan's birthday

 Cousins, all looking adorable in Christmas jammies
 Claire and Davis wrestling
 Loving that monkey
 Happy Birthday Evan from Uncle Bryan, Aunt Laura and Davis. 
You must have been pretty good!!
 Bryan & Davis in their Christmas jammies
 Bryan & Evan working on Evan's new lego sets

Happy 4th Birthday Avery!

 Some of the partyers!

 Avery & Evan

 The birthday girl

Charlotte & Claire

While we were up in Virginia, we got to help celebrate Avery's 4th Birthday. The kids had such a fun time playing together. I think that Claire didn't even bite one of the twins this time, phew! It was so nice getting to spend time with Kelly and Joe too, even if it was for too short of a time!!