Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Maxwell!

On Saturday we got to help Maxwell celebrate his 6th birthday at a fun remote controlled race car party. The kids (and parents) had a blast racing each other on the race track, eating pizza and cake. Maxwell especially seemed to enjoy winning and opening all of his fun presents! I cannot believe that he is already 6 years old. Happy Birthday Maxwell!!

The Simmons Came to Town

Our friends Tara, Doug, Rylee & Trevor moved to Colorado about 2 years ago. Trevor was Evan's first friend here in Florida and they spent a lot of time together at Ms. Kerri's. We have missed them and were really excited when they came to visit this past week. One day we went to our friend Irene's and went out on her boat and played in the pool. The boys hung out like they hadn't missed a day apart and Trevor and Tara even had a sleep over one night. I only managed to take pictures one of the days, but we had a great few days with them in town. Now, we need to make it out there to visit them. I'm thinking snow season!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


 Welcome to Frontiertown!

We spent the last day of our vacation in Ocean City at Frontiertown. All the years I spent in Ocean City as a kid, and I had never been there before. It was a tradition in Joe's family and one that Kathy and Mike have kept going for their kids. We got to see an Indian show, watch the Can Can girls dance, see a "shoot out", pan for gold, get face painted, shoot an arrow, dance on stage, go on a carriage ride where we were "robbed" and ride on a swing powered by a walking mule. The kids all had a great time, although Evan thought that the robbery was real and got very upset at the robber trying to take Griffin's gold. He is now a little obsessed with robbers and asks about them all the time. To top off their big adventurous morning, Nani bought each of the boys a cap gun.  After Frontiertown, everyone but Claire and I headed to the adjacent water park where I hear they did not stop swimming and going down water slides for 4 more hours. Since I wasn't there, I have no pictures, but sure Evan will remember it forever.

 Learning an Indian Dance.
Claire, as usual, was doing her own thing

 His eyes LIGHT up when they said he could shoot an arrow!

 Looking fierce after their face painting
 Learning how to twist a rope

 Griffin is a pro!
 Telling this guy where they are from

 On the carriage, before the robbery (all boys wearing their Mario shirts, courtesy of Nani)

 Claire & Connor could have ridden on this all day long
 Panning for gold

Ocean City beach fun

 We had pretty good weather in Ocean City. It wasn't too hot, the water was cool, but not cold and we only got a few thunderstorms. The boys and dads got to build "Pirate Island" every day we went out and the boys pretended to be Jake and The Neverland Pirates. Claire had a good time sitting on and in pirate island and enjoyed playing "Goldilocks", where she would try out everyone's chair to see which one was just right. She did not discriminate between our chairs and those belonging to others on the beach. She also tried on everyone's shoes multiple times. Joe took Evan out into the surf to ride the waves and despite a few big wipeouts, he had a lot of fun and kept going back out for more.