Monday, May 21, 2012

Last Little League Game & Party

 His last hit, it was a good one!

 The main event...the trophies!

 Joe, Evan, Stevie & Bill
 My boys!
 The Windermere Little League Rays

 Austin, Wilson, Stevie & Evan

Sunday was Evan's last Little League game of the season and pizza party. I loved Little League, I really think that Evan improved so much throughout the season and he came to love the game even more than he already did. I know he loved having Joe as his coach and he made a few new friends on his team. The team was a lot of fun and the coaches made it fun!  It's a little bittersweet that it's over, we really enjoyed the season. Evan is already planning for the fall team and has been playing baseball all day today. I think he's got it in his blood!!

Happy Birthday Ruby!

 Lining up for their sundaes!

Yesterday we got to help celebrate Ruby's 3rd birthday with an adorable pizza and make your own ice cream sundae party! It was really sweet and lots of fun.

Class Pictures

Here are Evan & Claire's class preschool pics. I love how no one in Claire's class is even remotely smiling! These are too cute!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


What's up with my kids and their fascination with holding reptiles??

Evan's Newest Accomplishment: Tying Shoes!

In celebration of him learning how to tie his shoes, Joe bought Evan a sweet pair of Nike's! He is so proud of himself, as are we! He loves his new shoes and feels very grown up in them!!

Claire's End of the School Year Concert

Last Thursday, Claire's school had their preschool graduation and end of the year concert. Claire was adorable singing all of the songs for her concert-Wheels on the Bus, A Tootie Tat and some others. I'll try and post video soon. Getting a picture of her and Evan together when Evan isn't haming it up seems to be impossible these days, but what can you do? This is life!

Random Pics from a Golf Birthday Party

Abby took these super cute pics of Claire at Jack's birthday party a few weeks ago. Look at her hair in the ponytail. It didn't hold up too great, but it was pretty cute while it lasted!

So spoiled!

Joe & the kids spoiled me so much this mother's day. Look at all the adorable personalized gifts they gave me!!! I also got a pair of Tory Burch black sandals that are not pictured. I love the flip flop stones for my yard. I will cherish them forever. I am one very very lucky mama!!

Hammock Beach for Mother's Day

 Ty Pennington was there! And Patrick Ewing, but we didn't get a pic with him

We spent Mother's Day weekend at Hammock Beach with the Starstrom, Olson & Haughey families. It was really nice to spend some relaxing time with my family and friends. After being away from my family for a week and then the day before the trip being the scariest day of my life with my dad's health, it was nice to get a little R&R and be around my wonderful husband and kids, and such great friends. Evan pretty much rode the water slide non stop. Claire had a blast swimming in the pool. Joe was amazing taking care of the kids. We had so much fun and hope to go back again soon!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Busch Gardens!!

Monday Funday found it's way to Busch Gardens this Monday. Joe took Evan on all the big kid rides, including 3 times on the roller coaster that went upside down!! Claire & I hung out in Sesame Place the whole time and she was in heaven!! It was the perfect combo for her, lots of water and Elmo & Abby Cadabby!