Monday, December 10, 2012

Evan's 6th Bday Party

Evan planned his whole 6th birthday party himself-take 13 friends to see Rise of the Guardians & go to McDonalds. Sounds good to me. The kids all had a blast and I had little to do! I didn't take too many photos at the movies, but here is afterwards.

 Happy Birthday to Evan!

with all of his fun presents, which he LOVES!!!


My kiddos had lots of fun dressing up as Star Wars characters for a friend's bday and then getting all painted up!

Mother-Daughter Day

Claire & I had a fun mother-daughter day a few weeks ago. It began with her 2nd hair cut ever and continued with photos with her favorite characters and a Dumbo ride!

Perhaps she should be more supervised

After painting Evan with orange and blue face paint for the UF/FSU game, someone let Claire use the same paint to paint her doll. Good to know, it comes out of real skin, but not out of dolls! It's like a scene out of Toy Story, whoops!

Precious Flower

Our little Precious Flower

Thursday, November 29, 2012


 Not a great photo of either kid, but they look SO BIG!

 I would like a "big Barbie house"

 I would like a "puppy pillow pet"

We went to go see Santa Claus at the Millenia Mall the day before Thanksgiving. Considering Thanksgiving was so early this year, we went obscenely early. But, Evan was off of school, so it was easy to get there when the mall opened and get to see the big guy. The kids did great with Santa and were thrilled to tell him what they want for Christmas!

My loves

Abby took these photos with MY camera, which goes to show that if I learn how to use my camera and gain all of Abby's talent, I too could take good photos!! I just love these candids of the kids!


Evan really enjoyed playing Rush soccer this fall and improved drastically throughout the season. Joe as great as the team's Ray Ray!