Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Green Meadow's Field Trip


 feeding the goats
 Holding lots of chickens!

 Mrs. Brown's Class
 Horseback Riding

Kindergarten had their first field trip yesterday, to Green Meadows. Claire & I met up with the class at the farm and had a great time with Evan, his classmates, Mrs. Brown and some of the other moms. It was a chilly day here, which was perfect! Mrs. Brown made sure that the kids got to do all the good stuff at Green Meadows before time ran out. It was a perfect first elementary school field trip!

Preparing for Hurricane Sandy

 Clearly both are "too cool" for photo ops these days ;)
 Avery, Evan, Charlotte, Claire & Mackenzie
 Lucy & Claire

Before we headed out of town via Raleigh in advance of Hurricane Sandy, we got to spend some more QT with the Garrs and Ormes. And we got to watch the Redskins and Cowboys lose their football games. But with all these cute kids around, no one got too upset about any of it!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Party in Alexandria!

 Ninjago, Lamb, Lion, Minnie Mouse

No shortage of fun had at the Halloween party with our family & friends in VA!

Enjoying time with cousins & Nani & Pops

 The kids & we had a great time at Griffin's soccer game, and then playing with Nani & Pops. Great job Griffin on your 2 goals that game, we are so proud of you!!!!!!

Fun with Neville cousins!

Strike a pose

Clearly, I found the fall foliage too great of a background to resist way too many photos of my 2 most favorite subjects!