Sunday, March 31, 2013

Family Photos


We made our annual trip to Naples St. Patrick's day weekend to visit Kevin, Kate & the kids and had a wonderful time as usual! The cousins had a blast playing together and the adults had a pretty great time relaxing and playing as well!

First Baseball Game

Evan's 1st baseball game was just after his last football team. It was amazing the difference in the skill level of the children from last year to this year.  They hit well, fielded the ball, payed attention! It was very impressive. The Rangers are a good team this year, both in the kids/families on the team and their skill level.

 He got to play catcher for the first time and was very excited!
 Joe pitched to him
 Proud little sister

Last Football Game

Evan completed his football season with his favorite ritual-getting a trophy! He seemed to love flag football more than any sport I can remember (and he LOVES his sports). We'll see if he keeps the bug, but I hope it stays in the flag, not tackle variety!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Photo Booth at Claire's Party

I was so excited about this part of Claire's party and the children and Abby (fab photog) did not disappoint!

 The famous photographer and her adorable youngest son

March Madness Fun Run

Thank you to everyone who sponsored Evan in his March Madness Fun Run to expand his school's playground. The unofficial results show that Evan came in 1st place, raising $1,085! The school has raised over $25,000 so far, with more money hopefully coming in this week. Pretty impressive! Here are some photos from the event and his thank you to all who supported him and Sunset Park ES!

More photos from Claire's party

Abby took these great shots from the party. I was so excited about the photo booth and I think that the pics turned out so cute!! Thanks Abby!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Flag Football


Evan has been playing Flag Football since January at the YMCA and really enjoys it lives for it. He and Maxwell practice football every chance they get and they are currently excited about little else (except maybe Nascar...). He keeps asking about playing football with pads, I think he needs to wait until he is 10 50.

Anyway, I've been horrible about taking any photos this season, but here is his team photo. He looks way too grown up for me, stop growing please!!!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Claire's bday at Dance

This child had more birthday celebrations! This was a nice surprise by her teacher Ms. Nicole, who was there for her last day before having her own little baby girl. Claire loves to be the center of attention, but seems a little unsure here!

Celebrating Claire's Birthday at school

How many candles on Claire's cake...1 2 3!

 Trying to get a photo of 12 2-3 year olds, a joke!
 Mrs. Kinnear
 Mrs. Feguson
The celebrating was just never ending! On February 27, she celebrated at school with her friends and teachers. They gave her an adorable birthday book with a picture of the whole class.