Monday, March 4, 2013

Claire's 3rd Fairy Birthday

 Fairy house craft=glittery disaster, but they did turn out cute :)

 Tinkerbell Arrived!

 And then she painted faces

 Sweet Audrey!
 Happy Birthday to Claire!

 3 fingers for my 3 year old!

 Lots of Tinkerbell photo ops!

 Claire's friend N
 Told you it was a glittery disaster! But S looks like she's enjoying it!
 Thanks to my helper that day since I had no help from Joe, who had Evan duty
 What a great fairy house!
 Playing on our new playground
 She loves her water!
 Boys came out of sequester to help Claire open her gifts

Claire had a fairy birthday party for her big 3rd birthday. Unfortunately, Evan and Dad got a stomach virus that morning and could not attend. Some of her friends did not attend either afraid they also would get sick. But crisis was averted, as many of her friends and family did come and help her celebrate, along with Tinkerbell (and YEAH! no one else got sick!). Biggest crisis was that Joe could not help me with any thing and I had to do the whole party solo (entertain and make sure Claire was fine), but thankfully I had done most of the preparation the night before and also, as I've gotten older and busier, I care less about things being perfect. They were just perfect enough!

And all that really matters is that Claire had a great time celebrating with her friends. And that she did, she had so much fun with her friends and Tinkerbell! I cannot believe my baby girl is 3! Happy Birthday Sweet Claire.

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