Sunday, January 31, 2010

Family Pictures

Back in early December we had some family pictures taken. I just got around to ordering some and here are a few of my favorites. I was about 26 weeks pregnant in them.

I loved the way they turned out and especially love the one of just Evan. We wanted to get his 3 year old pictures taken as well as a family shot before the baby arrives.

The Most Magical Day at the Magic Kingdom

On Wednesday I took Evan to the Magic Kingdom. We had just gone the Saturday before as a family, but we can never get enough Disney in this house. That and Evan really really needed his haircut and was never happy about the idea of getting it cut until I told him we could do it at Disney. My friend Jennifer sometimes takes her son to get his hair cut there and raved about it. So I figured as long as the price wasn't crazy, it would be a fun treat. Evan agreed. So, off to the Magic Kingdom we headed on Wednesday, little did we know what a fabulous day it would turn out to be.

First of all, it was empty. We walked right onto Peter Pan (Evan's favorite ride) twice, which never happens. Then we went on the Haunted Mansion ride for the first time. I encouraged A Small World next, but Evan informed me that he only wanted to go on scary rides and said, "A Small World is not scary mom!" After that we headed to Evan's 2nd favorite ride, the Pirates of the Caribbean. Along the way we met Goofy, Donald, Aladdin and Jasmine, saw the Country Bear Jamboree Show and went on the Aladdin ride. Again, no lines at all. Next, we went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, little did we know what was to happen next.

When we walked back to our stroller, I thought that someone had accidentally left all of their pirate stuff on our stroller. On top of our stroller was a sword, pirate hat, eye patch and earring, telescope and then I saw the jewels, mickey confetti and a note that said, "You have been chosen as an Honorary Pirate". Seriously, they could not have picked a more perfect child to give all that to. It was so cool!! Evan was thrilled and so was I, I was beside myself. Who knew that they did that kind of stuff there?

Our stroller upon our return

With the Pirate Note

Trying out the new pirate gear

Well we were just thrilled with all the pirate loot we had just scored, so off to the Castle we headed to see Peter Pan in a show and to eat our lunch. I pulled the stroller over to the side to pull out our PB&Js and when I did a cast member (disney employee) asked me if we were having a good day. I told her, yes, we were having a great day. She then asked if we would like free ice cream or popcorn and proceeded to write us coupons for both. Was I walking around with a sign that said, "Be super nice to me today"? Maybe that's what happens when you are gigantically 34 weeks pregnant walking around the Magic Kingdom with a 3 year old by yourself. Who knows why we got chosen, all I know is that we LOVED it.

Enjoying the Mickey ice cream sandwich

This new pirate gear sure makes it easier to see the show at the Castle,
I can help Peter fight off Captain Hook!

We thoroughly enjoyed both of our ice creams before the castle show and popcorn as we took the train ride around the park. Finally, we headed to the barber shop, the whole reason we even went to the park to begin with. Low and behold, as we walk into the barber shop, a barber shop quartet is singing. They sang the majority of the time we were in there. Being my first time there, I thought this must be normal, but no, remember this was the magical day. They are only in there 20 minutes a day, we just happened to be there for about 18 of those. They did a wonderful job and Evan sat in the chair by himself for the first time. His haircut turned out great, even if I did leave it a little too long (when I saw Evan didn't really want his haircut, you could have easily substituted my name in there too). Love those curls too much to cut them! What a great place to get a child's haircut, they covered him with Mickey stickers and gave him this Minnie toy that danced. He was completely entertained and it was very much worth the extra $3 from his normal hair place.

Attacked by Mickey Stickers

So, that was our magical day. It couldn't have been any better, unless Joe was there.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Peter Pan

Evan has been OBSESSED with Peter Pan for a little over a year now. Dressing up like Peter is his favorite. He also enjoys dressing as a pirate and darth vader, but Peter is top in his world. This weekend we went to the Magic Kingdom and saw the light parade. During the parade, Peter Pan gave Evan a high five and it was the highlight of his year for sure! He thinks it so cool how Peter can fly and that he fights off the bad guys. Evan probably puts on the costume every day and fights Joe or I who dress as Captain Hook. Sorry about the lack of pants, we couldn't find the costume pants this day. But you can see how freaking adorable he is as Peter Pan.


January used to be my least favorite month of the year when I lived in cold places. It just seemed to drag on forever and I was all sad that the holidays were over. But living in Florida, it could become one on my favorite months. The weather is perfect (70 and sunny today), the crowds at the parks are a little smaller and there is nothing I have to do. I love the laid back feel of January here in Orlando. The downside? I haven't taken a single picture since Christmas. So, therefore, no new posts. I have really been slacking on this blog (and my picture taking), but I've been enjoying the mundane life! God knows, it's about to get very hectic one month from tomorrow when our baby girl arrives.

Here is a video of Evan I took with my new flip camera. This is how he watches movies in our house, there is no sitting down. It's either dancing, like you will see, or fighting off any bad guys in the movies with one of his 5 swords. Ahhh, to have his energy.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Evan got a snuggie as sort of a gag gift for his birthday. It's an inside joke between some friends. It was hilarious when he got it, but not only funny, this thing has ended up being so useful!! It's been pretty cold here lately for Florida. So, we've been bundled up on the couch, especially last week when we were all too tired from the month and a half before to ever leave the house. The snuggie also came with these super soft socks that have grippers on the bottom. Evan keeps putting them on top of the socks he has on, so he can play basketball on his hallway nerf basketball net which is over tile. Now, he doesn't fall!

Disney Trip with family

The day after Evan's party, we went to Disney with Nani, Grandma, Baba, Aunt Shannon, Audrey, Maxwell and our friends Catherine, Wilson & Ellie. Catherine has a pass where she can get 3 other adults in for free and was so gracious to get Nani, Grandma & Baba in. Being 4 days before Christmas, it was pretty crowded, but we got there early enough to hit some of the rides at the Magic Kingdom before it got too bad. Later that night, we went to Epcot and got to see some of the Candlelight Processional. It was a lot of fun for us all to be able to go together and spend some time at the Happiest Place on Earth at Christmastime.

Christmas 2009

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

The stockings were hung on the staircase with care :)

I'm running a lot late on my posts lately, but I've just been enjoying some down time after all the chaos that was December. Although it was chaotic, it was just wonderful, we enjoyed each and every second.

Christmas was really special for our family this year as all 3 kids (Charlie, me & Bryan) were actually together for it with my parents. I think this is the first time that has ever happened, nothing like waiting until we were 37, 31 and 29. Having all of us together plus the 3 little ones and 2 on the way was wonderful and a very special Christmas I won't ever forget.

This year was also magical because Evan really understood Christmas this year, both the magical and religious side of it. He was very aware that it was Jesus' birthday and loved to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus just like he liked to sing it to himself. He thinks it's pretty cool that their birthdays are a week apart! And as for Santa, well he knew that he had to be a good boy or Santa would not come for him. All I had to do was start singing "You better watch out, you better not pout..." and his attitude would change instantly. Is it too early to start this for next year?? Evan wanted every toy he ever saw in his life for Christmas, his list grew dramatically each day.

Christmas Eve was spent with Bryan, Laura, my parents, Joe, Evan and I going to our brand new church for the first time for Christmas Eve Mass. It was so special to have our new church open for Christmas, it was a little more "Christmasy" than a high school gym. We went to the children's mass and for the homily, Fr. Greg asked all the kids to come up on the altar. We asked Evan if he wanted to go and he said no, then about 5 seconds later he changed his mind and ran right up there. He sat so well listening to Fr. Greg, I was super impressed. After Mass, we came back home had some dinner and put Evan down for bed early so Santa would come. That night, Laura, Bryan and my parents all spent the night. It was really fun to have them all here preparing for Christmas morning.

The next morning I kept waking up in anticipation for Evan to get up, but he wouldn't wake up. I couldn't take it any longer and at 7:30am I woke him up! Then we rallied the rest of the house and headed down stairs to see if Santa came. He surely did, Evan must have been really great this year. Evan got a million presents, some of his favorites were a trampoline, a storm trooper helmet, an art table and art supplies, a keyboard, lots of characters, a pirate duffle bag, clothes, board games and a smart sports video game.

Posing with his stocking

He was very excited about some present at this point

Helping Aunt Laura & Uncle Bryan open gifts

The trampoline was the last gift he saw, Santa left him a note in his advent calendar telling him there was one more gift outside. The look on his face when he realized what was outside is forever etched in my mind, and also thankfully we captured it on video :). He loves his trampoline so much, that even today as he was jumping on it in our frigid 40 degree weather, he exclaimed "I love you trampoline"!!

Trampoline I love you!

My favorite gift I got this year is my flip camera. Because I was so attached to that, I didn't really take too many pictures. I'm too lazy to post the videos right now, but will post some soon of Evan on the trampoline.

After we finished opening our gifts, we headed over to Charlie and Shannon's (2 blocks away) to see them open theirs. It was really fun getting to watch Maxwell and Audrey and of course Charlie, Shannon and Carol open all their gifts.

Audrey with her stroller and doll

Maxwell got Spiderman Skates!

Maxwell's Big Present from Santa

Later that day, I hosted Christmas dinner for all of us plus some friends and Laura's grandparents. It was a lot of fun and everything turned out so nice. It was incredibly special to me to have everyone at our home. I've always wanted to host big holiday events with lots of family and friends and I got to this year!!! But, of course, no pictures were taken when we looked good. So, you get to see the after guests left pictures of me quickly changing into lounge wear.

Dad (as quick to change as I was), Mom, me & Joe

Laura (15 weeks) and me (30 weeks)
Is there a difference in size? I can hardly tell ;)!

Charlie, Shannon, Audrey, Mom and Dad

Dad, Mom, Laura & Bryan

It was the most wonderful Christmas I can remember and I am really sad it's all over with. As usual, it all goes by way too fast. The magic of Christmas through a child's eyes is just heart warming and well, magical. Next year, we'll have 2 more little ones crawling around. What a blessing!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Evan's Pirate Party

Favors (personalized pirate flags, bandanas, eye patch & clip on earring)

Treasure Map

Treasure Location

Treasure Found!

On Sunday, December 20 we had Evan's 3rd Birthday Party! To say that Evan had such a great time is a gross understatement. He was in heaven and was so adorable when everyone sang Happy Birthday to him. The glow on his face during the song was the best part of his whole birthday to me. His party was also so special for us because Nani, Grandma and Baba were all in town for it. We had it at a friend's neighborhood park, which is on a lake. It was private and the perfect setting for a pirate themed party. I definitely spent more time planning this party then I ever will again (famous last words), but it was such a fun theme to work around. Evan told me he wanted a pirate party back in September and I ran with it. The bounce house and treasure hunt were big hits with the kids. The weather was a tad bit chilly for Orlando, a high of 58, but the sun was out and it wasn't too bad at all. Thankfully Gymboree had just come out with some pirate sweaters too :). My friend Abby took all the pictures in the collage, she's such a great photographer! The collage also makes posting pics from his party very easy.

Sunset at the end of the party, just beautiful!