Tuesday, September 29, 2009


There have been no new blog posts because I have no camera. I guess I could write some inspiring things, but really, aren't we all here to see pics of Evan? When we went out on the boat with Bryan & Laura, I accidentally left my camera out in that torrential rain storm. Apparently water and electronics do not mix well. So, I've been without a camera for a month. Which is definitely the LONGEST Evan has gone without having his picture taken. I am trying to do research on cameras before I purchase one and am really just procrastinating. Hopefully by this weekend we will have one and I can take more pics of my favorite subject. I have to take a picture of Evan in his BEST BIG BROTHER EVER t-shirt that he will be wearing to our ultrasound next Friday. Just a few days away and we will know if this little peanut is a boy or girl!

Monday, September 21, 2009


Evan loves to color and draw and so I knew he would love to paint. To get him excited for school, I told him that they would paint there. Every day Evan would come home from school and tell me how much fun he had, but then, "But we didn't paint." So, I figured it was time that I go buy some paints and let him do it here. He had the best time painting these little wood figures and then on the paper. I've even ventured out to let him finger paint outside the bathtub (I know, I'm so daring).

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Boating with Uncle Bryan & Aunt Laura

Taking his job as driver very seriously
We are going fast now
After a little toe dip in the water
Hiding from the rain with Aunt Laura
The Washington Monument in the background
My boys
Renee, Joe, Evan & Laura

While we were up north, we got to spend 2 days with Bryan, Laura and Mack. Evan and Mack sort of got along, Evan really just bossed him around. I think he loves having someone he can tell to "no", "stop", "don't do that" to. It was pretty funny. Guess this is a preview to how he could be with the baby, let's hope not! Anyway, we had so much fun staying with them and then on Labor Day they took us out on their beautiful boat on the Potomac River. It was cloudy and ended up raining and was a little chilly. Bryan and Laura were bummed about the weather, we were thrilled (minus the rain part). We were all pretty excited to be wearing cooler weather clothes. Seeing D.C. from the Potomac was really cool, it was so fun seeing the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial and Georgetown. We also got to see Mt. Vernon which I have never been to before. Even with the rain, we had a blast and the rain was kind of funny to all, except for maybe Bryan, who couldn't huddle under the cover and the blankets. That night, the great day was topped off with crabs and steamed shrimp, plus Joey (Laura's youngest brother) entertaining Evan the whole time so we could eat. It was fantastic. Being up there with them and the rest of the family definitely makes us miss it up there.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Beginning last week, Evan can spell his name! No pics to go with this, but thought it was an announceable (apparently not a word, but I'm creating it) milestone that he knows that his name is spelled E-V-A-N. It's adorable!

Evan and his cousins

Connor, Evan & Joe
Griffin & Evan
Griffin (teaching Evan new tricks) & Evan

We went up to Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania last week to see some family and friends. It was a quick trip, so we didn't get to see everyone, but did get to spend some good quality time with Griffin & Connor (Kathy's boys). Evan and Griffin even had their first sleep over, which actually happened two nights in a row. They did wonderfully, I was so impressed, I never thought a 2 1/2 & 3 1/2 year old would sleep all night long next to each other, but they proved me wrong. I didn't get any pictures in fear I would wake them up, but thankfully the image of them sleeping is etched in my memory. Here are some cute pics from our park morning after sleep over #1.

Arrrghhh Matey

Evan definitely gets into things, very very into them. Baseball, which he still loves, was quite the spring time obsession. And as much as he still loves baseball, he has now moved onto pirates. He loves pirates, wants everything in his world to be pirates. He loves to dress up like them, sword fight, etc. He has quite the imagination and we have such a fun time playing pirates with him. Although, I always have to be Wendy, so he plays pirates, I play nice. Here are some pictures of his dress up.