Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Claire's 1st day of Preschool

Claire began at Evan's old school today, WUCP. She was not too excited to go, she loved her old school so much. There were quite a few tears when I dropped her off, but when I picked her up, she was happy as can be!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Evan's first day of Kindergarten

 "I am a Kindergartener"
 Posing with his first day of school photo from last year, VPK
 So excited, he can hardly stand it!

 Walking into school with Claire & Daddy

 Outside his classroom
 With Mrs. Brown

 At his table
This morning went so smoothly! Evan was thrilled to start Kindergarten at Sunset Park. To top it off, his best friend Stevie is in his class. I was equally excited because Evan got the teacher I requested. Having Stevie in his class is a huge bonus for me too. I could not be more excited for Evan and at peace with our final decision to send him here. My camera fogged up on me a bit b/c of all the humidity, but I got some good photos of Evan before school and at school. I hope he had a great day, I pick him up in an hour and a half!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

San Diego

We went to San Diego for work, so I took very few pictures. But we had so much fun. We stayed in an AMAZING hotel on the bay downtown. I know the pic above is bad, but it shows a little bit of the unreal view we had. Our room was huge and it had views of Coronado, downtown and the bay. Gorgeous! We got to go on an amazing boat cruise around the bay, where I actually did not get sick! The kids got hours of Nani & Grandma time in the pool, on the Sea Lion tour and eating at great restaurants. Mom even dragged them out shopping once or twice. Our work event was great fun too! It was a relaxing way to end our California adventure.

Happy Birthday to me!

I was spoiled on my birthday like I'm pretty sure I haven't been in years! I woke up to Bloody Mary's and a wonderful long bike ride down the Newport Beach boardwalk with mom, treated to sushi on the beach by Laura & Peggy and had a big birthday party at the house we rented in Newport with so many of my loved ones. Plus all my fun gifts, a beautiful bracelet, pjs, clothes, new flops. What a great day! Plus the day before, Laura and I went paddle boarding for the 1st time ever, which was a blast, despite doing it in a wind storm!

Newport Beach

Newport Beach was all about:

 Having bonfires and eating s'mores!

 sweatshirt wearing!

 beach bumming!
 flower wearing!
 picture posing!

 with a karate move in every pose!

 gigantic hole digging to China!
having fun with family!

Family Loves!

God Bless Baby Lucy

I have the honor of being Lucy's godmother. We got to celebrate her baptism in California in July. It was a very happy family celebration. Although we all surely missed Dad there!