Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Train Ride

our family :)

Next to the train

getting his balloon sword from a very tall scarecrow

on the train

the three & a half of us

standing by his pumpkin picks


A few weeks ago we went on a pumpkin train ride. It was Evan's first real train ride. We took it to a pumpkin patch where we got to pick our own pumpkins and kids got their faces painted and got a balloon animal/toy. Evan chose to get a skeleton on his face and a sword balloon. The train ride was pretty cute for what it was and the weather was just beautiful for it!

Green Meadows Farm

Not sure they recommend climbing through them like this

Sea of pumpkins

Riding the tractor

Pony Rides

Chasing the ducks

Petting the sheep

On the hayride

Last week we went to Green Meadows Farm to see some animals and to ride on a train, hay ride and a pony. And then the grand finale of picking a pumpkin. This year it was much better weather than last year! It was in the low 70s. That weather lasted for about 2 days, but we thoroughly enjoyed it while it was here! It was a lot of fun seeing all the animals and enjoying such a beautiful day.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our First Pet

Proud winner and proud dad

The game

Ainsley at home

Wilson & Evan with their fish!

Last Thursday, we went to one of many fall festivals we've been frequenting lately. They had all kinds of rides for kids that we weren't allowed on. So, Evan rode his first roller coaster without an adult. He loves roller coasters (esp. the Goofy Barn Burner one at Disney), so he could have cared less that he was riding with one of his friends, instead of Daddy. Anyway, at the end of the night, Joe broke down and paid $1 for 8 balls to throw into a bunch of cups to win a goldfish. Joe gave Evan the balls and he threw it in the cup on his first try. I could not believe it! So, we won a fish and Evan named her Ainsley (the name he wanted to name the baby). We brought her home, put her in a bowl and having been enjoying her ever since. However, on Sunday night, we came home from a party to find Ainsley had jumped right out of her bowl and onto the floor. As I prepared myself to talk to Evan about death, Joe came in and said "She's still breathing". Back in the bowl she went and she's still alive today. We'll see how many more escape attempts she makes. She is pretty skiddish and freaks out when we come near the bowl. Should be interesting......

Can I, please?

Foggy because it was so HUMID in October

You can see this hot air balloon from our house all the time. Evan loves Peter Pan, so he gets so excited when he sees it "flying" in the air (in quotes b/c it doesn't really fly, it's tethered down and is a ride at Downtown Disney). The other day I took Evan to downtown Disney to see his first movie in the theatre-Toy Story in 3D. He loved it and did a WONDERFUL job sitting quietly throughout the movie. He was in heaven with his popcorn and juice box! This balloon is right outside of the theatre so he ran right up to it and asked if he can ride. I'm terrified of heights, so doubtful I'll be taking him anytime soon. Maybe dad can get suckered in sometime soon.

Face Painting Bonanza

A Skeleton from the Pumpkin Train Ride

A bat at the Celebration Octoberfest

Evan has wanted to get his face painted at Disney forever. But it's been SO HOT. I knew he would hate it when it started melting every where. Anyway, we've been to so many fall festivals lately and he has rushed to get his face painted there. Thankfully it's either been night time or cooler and he's done great. I think I should figure out how to do this. He would be happy if he could have his face painted every day.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Picnic In the Park Day

I am the room mom for Evan's preschool class. There doesn't seem to be too much involved with it, but I do plan the Picnic In the Park once a month for the whole class to meet outside of school. I was really excited to have it, because even though most of Evan's classmates are his friends from before school, the one boy he talks about playing with ALL THE TIME is not one of them. He always tells me that Parker is his favorite friend in school. According to the teacher, they are both at the same level of play, so that they interact well together in school. Anyway, I am proud of him for making new friends and I was really excited to get to know Parker and his mom. The picnic was a success and we had a great time!

Chocolate Milk Boy

Evan loves milk, most especially chocolate milk. I give in pretty regularly b/c I control how much chocolate actually goes into the milk. Typically about 3 drops. He is thrilled and I know he barely got any. However, he's getting sneaky and asks to lick the Hershey's syrup bottle after I pour in his chocolate. He's getting some extra, especially all over his face :)!

Cowboy's Jersey

Joe has been traveling A LOT lately. Like all week every week since August. I don't want to complain b/c at least business is good. A few months ago, we were all worried about the economy and how solid our jobs were. I guess it's feast or famine. Anyway, Evan and I do just fine when Joe isn't here, although we miss him a lot of course. Lately though, Evan has been wanting Joe to go to Texas so that he can buy him a Cowboy's football helmet. He only talked about it every day for about 3 weeks. Finally it was time for Joe to go to Texas and Evan was so happy, finally his helmet. Here is what dad came home with, a helmet AND jersey. Little man was so excited! I think we found a backup Halloween costume in case he really doesn't want to be Captain Hook, as he informs me on a regular basis.

Friday, October 9, 2009

pink or blue???

This morning we had our ultrasound for our little baby who is due March 8. I am almost 19 weeks along now. I haven't posted anything on here before because most people know I am pregnant and because I wanted to make sure that everything was okay with the baby before I started shouting from the streets :). Well we got great news today that the baby is perfectly healthy and a little on the big side. The big thing isn't so surprising since Evan weighed 10lbs 1oz at birth. And we found out, as you can see by this picture, that this family is going to even out. We are having a little baby girl! We could not be more happy!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gap Model

Okay, so it's a long shot, but worth a try!! I entered Evan in the Gap Casting Call Contest. Here is the link to the contest. Please vote for him. How cool would it be if he won!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Long sleeved shirt weather

Not a bad picture for a 2 year old to take
(can you tell my boobs are the size of grapefruits these days?)

Today's high was only 84, so it definitely felt like long sleeved shirt (Evan) and jean (me) wearing day. You can tell we are ready for the heat to go away and for fall to come. Evan and I were playing with chalk before Dad came home today. Just a few shots of both of us. Yes, Evan took that picture of me!! I know I rarely post pics of me, so I figured I'd post his picture.

Hakuna Matata

Yeah, I have a camera!! So I decided to video tape Evan singing his favorite song, Hakuna Matata from The Lion King. It starts off a little slow, but his little personality sure comes out in the end!