Monday, September 17, 2012


We took the architectural boat tour, which was such a great introduction to the beautiful city of Chicago!

 Went to the Cubs/Pirates Game and stayed for all 9 innings! It was a great game 7/6 Pirates won.

 Yes, these were our seats, 2nd row!

 Steve crashed our date weekend :)
 Went up Sears Tower (now called Willis Tower)

 Looked down below, wow what a feeling!
 Somehow he coaxed me out there
 That's how high up we were!

We got to escape for a few days for a little getaway to Chicago and it was wonderful!! What a great city. We stayed at a wonderful hotel, the Conrad Chicago. It was such a great little hotel, comfortable, stylish, modern, friendly, and in the best location. The weather was picture perfect.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Orme Cousins

 The girls
Maxwell (7), Grant (2), Evan (5 1/2), Lucy (4 mo), Claire (2 1/2), Audrey (3 1/2) & Davis (2)

These kids couldn't be cuter if they tried!

Happy 40th LC!

 Full of GO GATORS!

Ladder golf & squirt gun fights
 Water balloon fights!

 Cousin bonding
Shannon threw a surprise 40th birthday for Charlie or LC (Little Chuck) at Lake Louisa on Saturday. He seemed very surprised and had a wonderful time celebrating his big milestone. We all had a good time too in the great outdoors, despite the rather large bugs, spiders and snakes we came across. It was actually very beautiful out there and the cabins we had were quite nice.

Chef Mickeys!

 They see Mickey in the other room!

 Hugging Minnie
 Lucy was there too!

 We love Mickey!
 Crashing the pool later that day :)

Laura & I took Claire & Davis to Chef Mickeys for a character breakfast last week. The kids loved every second of it. They were too excited to eat much. At first they preferred the characters at a distance, but by the end they were hugging them!

Claire's first Dance Class

 Davis & Aunt Laura came to watch Claire
 It really does not get any cuter than this!

Claire had her 1st dance class on Thursday. She takes tap for 30 minutes, ballet for 45 and then does tumbling. They read books, dance around, act like princesses and have a blast. CUTEST THING EVER! She loves it so much, she would not stop talking about dance from the day we signed her up in July until her first class. She can't wait to go back this week!

Downtown Disney with Davis & Lucy!

Riding Bikes to School!

The car line at Evan's school is insane. I do not have hours to waste sitting in a car. So, we've come up with a new mode of transportation to school-bike riding. Evan and his fellow Neighborhood Ninjas are thoroughly enjoying it!