Saturday, July 25, 2009

Captiva Island


Evan, Jonathan, Evan & Wilson

Jen, Catherine, Abby, me, Brian & Paul (don't we look like we are headed to prom?)
Little Evan



Wilson & Ellie

Jonathan & Evan

Evan & Wilson

Last week we went on vacation to Captiva Island, which is just off the coast of Ft. Myers beach.It was beautiful and we got to see so much wildlife including giant manatees. We stayed with three other families in a giant house and two other families were nearby. We had a great time. All the boys are about the same age and they all played so well together. Evan loved having his friends staying in the same house as him. The adults all played well together too :). I didn't take too many pictures, but thankfully my friends did!! We are off to AZ & CA next week, so hopefully I'll be better at picture taking then.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Our First Trip to the Hospital

We had quite the adventurous week as we made our first trip to the ER with Evan. On Tuesday night, while I was talking on the phone and sitting on the couch, Evan slipped while running on a place mat he had thrown onto the tile floor during dinner and fell backwards on his head. He screamed really loudly and cried hysterically, but was able to calm down after a few minutes. He kept telling me his head hurt, but he passed all my "tests"-pupils the same size, answered all of my questions, could follow my finger with his eyes. But then he threw up twice and I knew we had to go to the ER. Of course, Joe was in Texas, so I calmly took Evan by myself. I was actually impressed how calm I was. Thankfully I called Jen and told her what I was doing and she insisted on meeting me at the Children's Hospital. It was wonderful having a friend there with me through that!  After a cat scan and many x-rays the ER doctor told me "I'm just going to break it down for you-he fractured his skull. But, thankfully there is no bleeding in the brain". I could have vomited right there, I'm surprised I didn't. Thankfully his fracture is very small and will heal very quickly. Evan actually doesn't have any side effects at all and is his normal self, THANK GOD. We had to spend the night in the hospital so that they could observe him and then we were released at 1pm the next day. It was quite the adventure and Evan was wonderful. The staff was amazing there as well. Evan was sure to charm all the nurses and doctors with his lion roars and his recitation of EVERY disney character known to man. The ICU doctor who did rounds at the very end of our stay, and who gave the discharge orders said to the other doctors he was doing rounds with "are these the scans of the kid in that room roaring? If so, we are done here, he is clearly doing just fine!"  Hard to believe, but Evan seemed to love all the attention he got and when we left the hospital, he said to me "Mom, that hospital with the doctors and nurses, that was fun." Let's hope we don't have that kind of fun again for a long time!

Hard to believe, but my camera wasn't exactly on my 'sprinting out the door to the ER' list. But Aunt Shannon took a picture on her phone when she came to visit us. Although it's not great quality, at least we have a little picture to remember our visit!