Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Emma shared some of her bows with Laura and me

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year in Scottsdale and Sedona Arizona. It was Evan's 1st Thanksgiving and what a first it was!! We celebrated two times-on Thursday at Laura & Mike's in Scottsdale and Friday at the Pillor's in Sedona. That, along with 2 more days of leftovers and we were in turkey and cranberry heaven! Our trip was so much fun and was really relaxing. Evan had such a great time hanging out with grandma and grandpa, Aunt Laura & Uncle Bryan, Mike, Laura, Emma and Alex and all the Pillors!
All we did was eat, time to get back on Nutri System! But it was fun and both In N Out burgers were worth whatever weight gain comes with it!

Making Thanksgiving even more special this year was the birth of Kelly and Joe's baby girl-Avery Elizabeth weighing in at 6lbs, 6 oz. What a great Thanksgiving surprise! I am dying that I have not yet had a chance to meet her yet, but hopefully as soon as we return from Florida next week, I'll get to run up to Philly and spend some time with the happy family.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Evan is 11 months old!

Hanging out with Joey

Chasing your balls throughout the house

Griffin is showing you how to really use your ball toy

Chasing Griffin up the stairs

We love Uncle Bryan even if he is a Redskin's fan

I love to eat my sock!

Today you turn 11 months old! I cannot believe that you will be a year old in just one month. This year has flown by. You spent the day at home where we had a Cowboy's/Redskin's party. GO COWBOYS!! Thankfully our team won. Uncle Bryan & Aunt Laura, Joey, Uncle Kevin, Kate, Aunt Kathy, Griffin, Dave, Brian & Anne were all there. It was mostly Redskin's fans, we were outnumbered in our own home! But we won and that's all that matters. You had a lot of fun with all the family and friends there. You especially had fun playing with Joey and Griffin.

You really are looking much less like my little baby and more and more like a toddler. Your first haircut definitely contributed to that. You are a speedy gonzales crawler and you love to sprint back and forth between all of your toys.

Not only are you crawling, but you pull yourself up on everything. You love to stand and you do a really funny pull-up action where you continually pull yourself up, squat, then pull up. Boy-if I just followed your exercises, I would be in great shape!

Clothes: You wear a size 4 diaper now, but you could still wear a size 3. You wear 12-18 month clothes and while the tops fit you just fine, most of the pants are super long on your legs. There's a lot of rolling up involved. I don't think you've really grown much, but you've been eating everything in sight lately, so you must be in the middle of a growth spurt.

Illness: You were really sick for 10 days a few weeks ago. You are all better now, thank goodness. It was no fun at all having you sick for both you, me and dad.

Feeding: You are in love with daal and pretty much eat it and nothing else. I cannot seem to get the food into your mouth fast enough. This is so great because it is SO HEALTHY and has lots of great spices, so you are learning to eat very well. You also love applesauce, mozzarella cheese and pasta. There isn't much you don't like, although a lot of time you aren't so crazy about meat.

Drinking: I spoke too soon saying you mastered the sippy cup last month. You drink from it, if you have to, but you still aren't so good with it. I've tried at least 7 different kinds of sippy cups and straw cups hoping you'd take to them, but you just don't drink from them. We've been trying A LOT since you got better. But this is definitely a challenge. You are supposed to be bottle free by 1 year. Here's hoping for a miracle month.

Toys/Games: You love balls, especially if you can put one in each hand and then bang them together. You really love any toy that you can bang together in your hands.

"Words:" Your new word is "WOW" and you love to say it. You also "bye-bye", "hi", "ba-ba","ma-ma" and "da-da".

Teeth: You now have 8 teeth! 4 on top and 4 on bottom. Feels like you have a 9th one coming in on your bottom left.

Sleep: Sleeping has not been so pretty this month. Ever since you've been sick, you have not really been sleeping through the night. You get up around 4:30-5:30 every morning for a bottle and then sometimes go back to sleep until 6:30, sometimes you are up for good. I really hope this changes soon! You have been good about taking 2 naps, 1 hour each though.

Tomorrow we head to Arizona for Thanksgiving!!! We can't wait to see grandma and grandpa. After that we are going to Florida to close on our house. We have a busy next three weeks.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I can pull myself up!

Evan is finally done with all of his illnesses and back to his old self. He has now learned how to pull himself up to stand. He is very excited by this new trick and spends the better part of his days standing and falling down on his butt. He even climbed up one stair last night! Yikes-Joe and I are in for a lot of chasing now.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The house is coming along

We close on November 30 and the house looks like it will definitely be ready. It still seems surreal. I really like how it's coming together. Here are some recent pictures.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Evan's 1st Haircut

Evan before the haircut

Super Happy Evan

Post Haircut with Aunt Laura

All dressed up with Daddy

Looking all grown up with Mommy

On Friday, Joe & I took Evan for his first haircut. We went to Cartoon Cuts in the Columbia Mall. Evan was less than thrilled for this big milestone. Joe thinks his haircut looks like Ray Charles did it, but I'm just happy it doesn't look nearly as butchered as it did after the two attempts I made at trimming his hair. My baby may look a lot older now, but he is still adorable!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

Hanging out with cousin Griffin

Evan and Mom

With Matthias the Dragon

Curious George

All tuckered out before Trick or Treating

This was Evan's 1st Halloween! He dressed as a Cowboy's football player during the day at the Halloween party we had with our friends. Then he was Curious George that night when it got a little cooler outside. Unfortunately Evan's been rather sick the last few weeks and is still fighting an ear infection and a stomach irritation that is causing him to throw up (but not the flu). He did really well yesterday during all the festivities, but he was rather tuckered out throughout the day.