Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dixie Crossroads

After a fun day being a Florida tourist, we enjoyed a shrimp filled dinner at Dixie Crossroads!

My loves

These 2 are the best!

First Tooth Lost

The day of the rainforest play (February 5) was a big day for Evan...he lost his 1st tooth! He actually lost it just as his play ended. Thankfully dad was there to actually "pull it out", although it was just laying in his mouth. Evan received 1 gold $1 coin, a $5 bill and a Ninja turtle set for his first tooth. I think his tooth fairy will just be passing out the gold coins from now on!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rainforest Play

 Evan (Lorax) and Pascal (the Explorer)

Evan got to be the star of the show for the Kindergarten Rainforest Play. He was the Lorax, the narrator. I am so proud of him! This assignment surely put him outside of his comfort zone, but he did great. He memorized all his lines and worked very hard to use expression in his voice and tone. His whole class, and all the kindergarteners in his group (this is actually just 1/2 of the K's in his school) did amazing. The play was super entertaining!!!

Goodbye Trampoline

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to the trampoline. We had 3 wonderful years with her, but our homeowner's policy said it was time to part ways. At least we have the play ground!

2 Meridas

Merida....the perfect princess for both Claire & Audrey to love. She is full of more spice than sugar, just like these two beautiful little girls!

Chef Mickey's


 Claire got to participate in a Magical Moment, making gingerbread cookies at the Contemporary!

We continued our vacation with Grandma by eating at Chef Mickey's. We even got to run into our old neighbors from VA while we were there. What a special treat. The kids loved seeing all the characters (well maybe not Grant so much....) and we all enjoyed the Mickey waffles!


 Claire had to try on EVERY SINGLE thing she got, so opening gifts took quite awhile.

It seems I've forgotten about the blog, my bad! Here's Christmas. Evan's big gift was an electric scooter, which he loves! Claire's was the Barbie house, which she loves. And the biggest gift of all...the playground. Which is only partially up in this photo, but dad tirelessly set up the rest right after Christmas. It was a very blessed Christmas for all of us!