Friday, May 27, 2011

Evan's Spring Concert

 I love how the light through the glass in the church shines down on him in this picture. More than that, I love the look on his face-classic Evan.
 Look at all those kids!!

 His future is so bright, he's got to wear shades

 Me and my little man, getting so big

Wednesday morning, Evan had his Spring Concert with all the 3 year old classes. They sang 14 songs and were so amazing. I really cannot get over how impressive of a production WUCP put on with approximately 80 3 & 4 year olds. Evan did a great job singing every song and doing all the hand motions with all of them. He seemed to have a really good time and kept looking over at us to make sure we saw him and were proud of him. I haven't had a chance to watch the video of the performace, but am looking forward to seeing it all over again.

Audrey's Spring Concert

Claire, Evan and I got to go see Audrey in her first school concert. Her class sang one song by themselves and then sang 2 with the whole school. She looked adorable up on stage, even though I didn't get the best pictures of her up there. She was so excited about getting flowers from her Nana and Daddy afterwards, it was so precious. She even shared one flower with Claire, which Claire quickly destroyed. I just love that little god daughter of mine!

Vero Beach

 Brady, napping on the beach
 Jill, Nick and Barry
 Kelly, Dennis & Rita
 Nick and Claire (who learned to suck off salt from a pretzel and then throw the rest away)
We got to spend last weekend with the Hogans to celebrate Sam's graduation. Instead of having a party at their house in Melbourne, we all traveled to Vero Beach. It was really fun to see Kelly, Dennis, Emma & Brady as well as Barry and Rita. It's been a long time since we've seen much of Joe's extended family. Evan loves Brady and talks about him a lot, even though we last saw him the Thanksgiving I was pregnant with Claire. He is about 15 months older than Evan and the boys played so well together. Claire had a blast running into the ocean and playing in the sand. We had such a good time, I forgot to take too many pictures. I never even got a picture of Sam-the big HS grad!! 

Chilling at my brother's tball game

Claire loves to go to Evan's tball games. She does not typically love to sit at them though. She would much rather gather all the balls up, run into the field and occasionally grab a bat or two. She keeps me on my toes! She has made a friend though, named Elena. Her brother is on Evan's team too. Claire is about 3 weeks older than Elena and about 100 times more wild. Maybe it just seems that way since Elena has many other family members helping watch her at the games when I'm chasing Claire solo. Claire and Elena's favorite thing to do with each other, eat one another's food. Claire always wants what Elena has and vice versa. Her mom and I now come prepared with plenty of snacks for both, and it keeps them occupied for a solid 3 minutes :). Here they are enjoying some watermelon.

Anna Kate Turns 4!

 Birthday Girl, Anna Kate and her mom, Tracey

 Evan riding Sunshine-notice his boots
Pinata Madness where Evan scored 2 star wars notebooks, he could not have been happier and has been drawing and writing in them all week!

Evan's friend Anna Kate had her horse themed birthday party last Friday. The kids got to ride horses, make their own snow cones, play pin the tail on the donkey, beat up a pinata, eat lots of yummy food and do all kinds of arts and crafts. It was a really cool party, although it wasn't exactly cool outside. Evan insisted on wearing his cowboy boots and hat to the party and had a blast riding the horse.

Evan's 1st Swim Meet

Evan with his swim instructor, John
Wilson, Evan & Ellie
Evan "dives' into the pool
 Swimming Freestyle

Evan has been taking swim lessons the last few weeks to improve his stroke development. He has gotten quite good at both freestyle and butterfly. Each month Southwest Aquatics has a swim meet for the kids in the lessons to show off their skills, so I thought it would be a great way to end his lessons. Evan's friends Wilson and Ellie did the swim meet as well and they were all so excited. They got a medal for each event they swam and their time was on there. It was like a real swim meet! Evan swam the 17yd free and 17yd caterpillar (butterfly kick only) and did great. Evan can't be on the swim team until he's 5, so we have a little time, but he seems very interested. If, for the medal, only :).

Loving life!
Big Medal Winners
BEYOND proud of himself!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day at Animal Kingdom

Yesterday we went to Animal Kingdom with our friends Abby, Evan and Drew. The kids had a fun time on the safari ride, dinosaur ride and watching the Lion King Show. I've been on the safari ride at least 15 times, but yesterday, for the first time, we got to see the lion stand up, walk around and roar on the safari. It was so cool. My picture of it didn't turn out great, but I will always remember how special it was to see the lion like that. And hearing the roar was cool, it wasn't quite as loud or scary as I thought it would be. Perhaps it was because I knew I was safe and he couldn't get me!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dragon Tatoos

We went to Claire's friend, Ruby's, 2nd birthday party the other day and Evan left with these cool dragon "tattoos". Pretty cool body painting!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Claire's 1st big boo boo

Yesterday while the kids and I were playing in the play room, Claire tripped over her own feet and fell face down on the train table edge. It was horrible watching it happen, but being too far from her to stop it. But as soon as she got over her crying, she's been a champ. She is really so tough. You wouldn't even know anything happened. I need to take some lessons in toughness from her!

Field Day

Evan's school had field day this morning, where they show off all of the skills they've learned in Kindergym this year. It was so cute to see all the kids in his class enjoying themselves. You could tell they were all so proud to show off to their parents and siblings. I was most impressed by the yoga poses they know, I had no idea! Claire seemed pretty fascinated watching the big kids, and enjoyed the dancing silly willies the best!

Swim Lessons

Evan has been taking swim lessons the last few weeks at Southwest Aquatics where he has learned how to swim freestyle and butterfly quite well! His teacher, John, is now working on his diving and breast stroke. Evan seems to enjoy his lessons and learning how to swim all the different strokes.