Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Soccer Pictures

Evan had his second game this week and did great again. He played most of the game and was impressively aggressive.  Our game was at 10:15 this week so it was even hotter out there on the field, but he kept going and seemed to have a really good time. He loves to run and his facial expressions when he runs are priceless. He is so serious and determined, it cracks me up! He is very aware of who is winning or losing, even though we don't keep score. One of Evan's teammates is really good and scored about 10 goals on Saturday, it's safe to say, "we won", even though we are trying to teach Evan at this point, it's not about winning or losing. It's about learning how to play. Evan really seems to be enjoying himself though, so we couldn't be happier.

In love

I love so many of these pictures, I couldn't narrow down which ones to delete from my computer and much less decide which ones to post. I just love this stage with Claire. She sits up so well and looks like a mini person now. Her outfit, the natural sun light and her mood just all came together so well. She is just adorable, if I do say so myself :)!

Cutest Girl Cowboy Fan

So, the Cowboys may be abysmal this year, but their newest fan sure looks cute in her getup!! Maybe we'll have better luck next week....hopefully!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Evan's 1st Soccer Game

This morning Evan played in his first soccer game! He is playing on a 3 & 4 year old team with his friend Bowen. It's great having them on the same team so that we have friends to hang out with and they did this before, so they are teaching us "the ropes". Their team, The Scoobies, did really well today. I was so impressed by how well Evan did out there too. He was really aggressive (in a good way) and was in all the action. He sprinted back and forth and seemed to have a ball. It seems that at this age, most of the kids like to play for a few minutes, then they run off the field. Evan never really wanted to take a break and since most of the other kids did, he played about 90% of the game. He even scored a goal, but it didn't count b/c he crossed this blue circle line they put around the goal. There are no goalies in this league and I guess in season's past, kids would all huddle around the goal. To prevent that, they put a semi-circle around the goal and the kids have to kick the ball in the goal from outside of it. So, it didn't count, I was just pretty happy he kicked the ball into the right goal!!

Maxwell's first game was right after Evan's, so we got to stay and watch him play too. He did great and even scored a goal!!

I may be very biased, but these are some good looking kids!
Looking good in their uniforms!
Too sweet
What a fun family day, albeit insanely hot, on the soccer field!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Artistic attempt

About 2 months ago I started making tutus. It all came about as a way to help with Charlotte & Mackenzie's fundraiser. I really enjoyed making them and coming up with the different color combos so I began making them as gifts. I know plenty of little girls, so I have lots of gifts to be made. I've begun to sell some as well. It would be great to make it into a little business, because I really enjoy making them. But I have my hands so full right now, that if it doesn't go much further than this, that's fine too. I can make Claire all the tutus in the world for moments like this. Unfortunately it was too sunny at the time I took these to get a good picture of her face, there was too much shadow. I'll have to have Abby teach me how to avoid that since she's a fab photographer! But I was happy with these two shots of my beautiful baby girl. Many more tutu shots to come in the future for sure (and some may be of Evan!)