Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Evan's Big Boy Room

On February 11, Evan switched into a big boy bed and out of his crib. I had planned on keeping him in his crib until he was 3. He never tried to climb out of it and there is no sibling currently coming to take his place. However, he had his own plans. Beginning late January, he refused to go into his crib. He would scream, throw tantrums and of course make himself throw up (such a lovely party trick he has). So, I gave in and put him in a bed. Since that time, he sleeps like a champ and although he wants us to lay with him at night for awhile, bedtime is much more pleasant. I've been working on putting together his room and feel like it's as together as it's going to be right now. He still needs a "bed" and night stand, but I'm taking my time to find the right furniture. I love his dresser, thanks to my dad who painted both the dresser and the handles to make it more modern for Evan. Thanks to my friend Jennifer for all of the nautical accents as well, they look great in the room.  Evan loves his new room and loves to show off his big boy bed. 

Playroom Completed

This wall is painted with magnetic paint, so we can hang Evan's artwork. 
It is proudly displaying Maxwell's masterpiece currently. 

Joe, our resident painter, did a fabulous job painting the playroom. It looks great, I love it!! If only I could keep all the toys in that room, somehow they seem to be everywhere. 

Thanks to my mom & dad for the great organizers, I at least feel like this space is usable and fun. Thanks to the Brices for the giganto tv too, we are storing it for them for a little while. Not a bad deal!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Music Class

Jonathan, Luke, Mr. Wil & Evan
Evan strumming Mr. Wil's guitar

For the past year, Evan and I have been taking music classes together at a Presbyterian Church in downtown Orlando. It such a great program and has really taught him a good deal about music. Being the offspring of Joe and I, he can use all the help he can get!! He especially loved his teachers last semester, Ms. Dottie and this semester Mr. Wil. Mr. Wil plays a guitar during class and all the boys seem to love him. What a great role model to have at that church, a 24 year old man who leads the contemporary worship and teaches little kids music. The class teaches them rhythm, tone, beat and words (I really just made all that up b/c I know NOTHING about music). At the beginning of the semester, Evan wouldn't clap along to the beat or sing along to the songs. Now, he's great at keeping with the beat and sings every last word to the songs. He loves them, especially Looby Lu and Hands a Washing. Classes are over for the semester and I think we'll take a break until the fall. Hopefully Mr. Wil will be our teacher again!

Smith's Visit

Last weekend, Todd, Tara & Molly Smith came to visit from Portland! They were in town for a friend of Todd's wedding in Sarasota. They stayed with us on Friday & Saturday and we had such a nice time visiting with them. This was the first time we had met Molly and what a doll she is. She is such a beautiful, happy little girl and she slept like a champ!! I have to brag about her sleeping b/c Evan NEVER slept that good while traveling, especially not when there is a 3 hour time difference. She slept at least 12 hours at night without ever waking up and then took 2 good naps each day. It was super impressive. 

It was so fun to meet her and it really reminded me what it's like to have a one year old, all the baby food and crawling/pulling up, etc. It's amazing how fast you forget each stage as you move to the next one. Evan was pretty good with her, but definitely wanted to steal every toy she had. We have to keep working on the sharing thing.  

He had a great time playing baseball with Todd (who is also a big baseball fan) and showed him how he loves to hit the ball and run the bases.

Happy early 1st Birthday Molly!!

Happy 60th Birthday Mom!!

Helping Grandma blow out her candle

Dad & the Birthday Girl
Boys helping to blow out the candles

Happy Birthday Grandma

While my parents were here for Adam & Natalie's wedding and Easter, we also got to celebrate her 60th Birthday!! We had many celebrations for it, as we should. On Thursday, April 2, I had a dinner for her with Shannon, Charlie, Maxwell, Audrey, Bryan, Laura, Mom, Dad and the three of us. I made lamb, my mom's favorite. 

The next day we all went and had our pictures taken as our gift to her. They turned out beautifully and I'll post some once I get them. I am going to make her a scrapbook of all of the pictures. 

Then on the day before her birthday, she and I went to the Ritz Carlton for a spa day. It was so much fun relaxing all day with my mom, not worrying about schedules or kids. It was glorious!! 

Then on her actual birthday, we went to the beach for the day and went out to Bonefish Grill for dinner. The day was almost perfect, except for when Evan threw up key lime pie (and everything else he ate that dinner) all over her lap. Happy Birthday Grandma!!

Hedrick Wedding

Natalie & Adam Hedrick
Me & Dad (doesn't he look so fashionable in his new outfit?)
so blurry, but only picture I had of this
Eryka & Evan dancing the night away
Bryan's own caption to this pic "Hi, I'm sunscreen, have we met?"

A few weeks ago Bryan, Laura, Mom & Dad came into town and we all drove to Panama City Beach for our cousin Adam's wedding. None of us had ever been there before and it was quite the adventure with a 2 year old potty trained little boy. The trip that should have taken 5 hours took 8. I know that Florida is south geographically, but it's not really "The South". However, the panhandle of Florida sure is the South. It was kind of bizarre driving on the small roads to get into Panama City Beach and reminded me once again how fortunate we are.

Panama City Beach and the hotel we stayed at were beautiful. The ocean was blue/green, the sand was like sugar. The wedding was absolutely beautiful as well, and the reception was a lot of fun. My favorite part was that Natalie and her dad invited all father & daughters who were there to dance with them after they had danced the 1st half of their dance together. My dad and I haven't danced together in probably 5 years, at my wedding. Maybe we did at Bryan's, I was so preggo, I don't remember. Then Adam & Aunt Beth did the same thing and I got to dance with Evan. It was the sweetest thing and brought many tears to my eyes. He insisted that he dance standing up, as opposed to in my arms. After this dance, he wanted to keep dancing the rest of the wedding, minus the hour and a half he was passed out in my arms. 

My cousin Jesse's daughter Eryka was there too. She is about 3 months older than Evan. The two of them had the most fun dancing together and kept 

It was so fun to see our family and to celebrate with Adam & Natalie! I'm so glad that we were all able to go!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter Egg Hunt #2-Good Friday
Easter Morning
Easter Egg Hunt #1-Holy Thursday

Never got a picture of him dressed for Church, what can you do? We were in a bit of a rush, getting ready for church, checking out the Easter basket, etc. The second we got home from church, he insisted on wearing a baseball shirt, go figure!

More Baseball Mania

Some cute shots of Evan playing baseball. 

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Masters


The Course

Joe's Dad-Joe

The Course

Freddie Couples

Greg Norman

Phil Mickelson

This whole post has nothing to do with Evan or me, I think it's a first!!

Joe and his dad got to go to the Tuesday practice round of the Master's last week in Augusta. They were both really impressed by the course and the tradition of the whole thing. Both being big golf fanatics, they were in heaven. Joe is a huge Mickelson fan (who had a great last round on Easter) and got to see him up close. Joe's dad was rooting for the seniors, like Fred Couples and Greg Norman. I'm so glad that they got to go, what an experience! We also got an added bonus, when Joe's dad came to visit us on Wednesday. It was his first trip to our house and we had a great time visiting with him.

Baseball Fanatic

Evan LOVES baseball. It's pretty much all he ever talks about or wants to do these days. His whole Easter was baseball themed. He got lots of baseball shirts, pajamas, sunglasses, books and a baseball helmet from the Easter bunny, Grandma & Baba, Nani, Pop and the Brices. He loves to hit the ball and run the bases as fast as he can. Next to "Hakuna Matata", "Take me out to the ball game" is his favorite song. He loves his baseball stuff so much, that he asks to sleep with his glove, ball, bat and helmet. Good thing he has a full sized bed to fit all that in with him!

This video is priceless.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Snake on my head

A few weeks ago, I had my first horrifying Florida experience. This place is full of bugs, snakes and alligators. Since I hate and fear all of the above, it's hard to believe I have survived a year plus in this place. The bugs have freaked me out, I've screamed like a little kid, but I had to get over it. Typically it's just me and Evan in the house and he surely isn't going to kill a spider. So, to be honest, really getting over it was getting a bug person. Thank God. 

Anyway, I digress. I keep forgetting to share this story, but Evan thinks it's so funny, he keeps reminding me. "Mom, remember when the snake fell on your head?" Well yes I do, I will never forget.

I opened the front door to walk outside when a snake fell in front of my face and into my house. I screamed louder than I think I ever have in my life and slammed the door shut. In doing so, I shut the snake in the door, it's head half outside and it's tail half inside my house. It was still very much alive and very much wiggling all around. I was freaking out and Evan who was on the couch (thankfully) began crying hysterically. Being the absolute wimp that I am, I grabbed Evan, ran out the garage and went to find the nice man building the house across the street from me. I begged him in my broken Spanish to please come over and help me and he came with a wrench and a PVC pipe. He was able to grab the snake with his wrench and throw it somewhere. So for you animal lovers, the snake should be safely in snake land (my yard probably). My friend Jen showed up just as this happy story was coming to an end and looked at my face and asked very concerned if I was okay. I know I looked like I had just seen a ghost. So, I guess the snake was hanging out in the overhang over my front door, which is really encouraging because this story could have many sequels..... I don't know what color it was, or what kind of snake. It was about 9-12 inches long and was skinny. I'm sure it was harmless, but really, did it have to fall on my head (almost)?

Trip to Maryland

This is one of those pictures they will be very upset about in 12 years
Dude, what are you doing to my cake??
The Birthday Boy
My extended family on my dad's side-Chris, Johnny, Jenny, Janet, Uncle Buddy, Jessica, Charlie, Shannon, Audrey, Maxwell, Evan, Me, Jack and CeeCee
Sure wish Nani would spoil us

The last weekend of March we travelled to Maryland to help celebrate Connor's first birthday and to see family and friends (although sadly we ran out of time to see much of the latter). Do you notice a trend, we've been out of town every weekend for the last month? I love to travel, but it is getting to be a bit much. We had a great time on our trip, got to spend lots of time with both Joe and my families. I got to see a some friends from college/post college and Evan got lots of time with Griffin, Connor and Nani.  Here are a few that did.